LMP Meccanica:
from the beginning till today

L.M.P.is a solid and dynamic company.

L.M.P. was founded in 1995  by Mr. Mario Pilati who, thanks to the experience gained over many years of work in the field of precision engineering, was able to commence and increase a technologically solid and dynamic company, which is active today with great security in different areas. 


L.M.P. combines twenty years of experience with constant focus on innovation.

To guarantee the best procesing methods and high quality, technology development is expressed in constant investments which have the goal of developing the machinery and the possibility of working  360° in response to the many different requirements.


Today, from small and big orders.

Fifteen years ago Mr. Mario Pilati handed the compamy over to his children Franco and Paolo who having acquired experience from their father, manage with commitment and passion the activity that today is located in Castegnato. The site is 4000 sq meters, of which 2200 sq meters is covered by three gantries with a maximum load capacity of 10T. 

A team of 14 skilled and constantly trained employees work with the latest generation equipment.